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Nomex composing press
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Nomex composing press
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Adopting digital control technology, the user can set the date byindustrial PC at various stages of manufacturing according to the

process data of Aramid honeycomb panels.

The surface temperature on the hot platen is controlled by the digital proportional electric control valve. The press closing opening the full stroke is controlled by the servo motor hydraulic pump with receiving the signal sent from displacement sensor. And the hydraulic pressure accuracy is controlled by the proportional hydraulic valve servo motor pump group.

Working temperature for hot platen: 50一200℃±3℃ Hot plate temperature heating or cooling rate is controllable, uneven surface temperature is less than or equal to 3℃

The heating system can be electric heating or natural gas heating,and the cooling rate is controlled by the heat pump system.

Pressure precision:±0.3MPa, pressure rate: 0.1 mpa/s 

Pressure keeping accuracy:±0.3MPa

公称总压力 Total pressure:8000kN

工作层数 Working layers:2

有效工作幅面最大压强 valid working width:7.1 kgf/cm2

热压板数量及规格 Platen No& size:3-4300 x 2600 x 42 mm


加热方式及介质 Heating way:天然气、电加热导热油介质循环

压板开启方式 Platen open way:人工横向 Length direction, manually

进料方式 Loading method:电动Automatically

最高工作温度 The max temperature:200℃