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With independent heating furnace
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With independent heating furnace

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名称 Name:120吨热压机

型号 Model:BY214X8-12(5)HRC

公称总压力 Total pressure: 1200kN

工作层数 Working layers: 5

有效工作幅面最大压强 valid working width: 3.7kgf/cm²

热压板数量及规格 Platen No& size:6-2500 x 1300 x 42mm

热压板间距 Opening:90mm

油缸数量及直径 Cylinder No& diameter:8-Φ85mm

加热方式及介质 Heating way:电热介质循环 Electric heated with thermic oil

压板开启方式 Platen open way:电动Automatically

装机功率 Installation power:77.5kW

闭合速度 Closing speed:30mm/s

整机外型尺寸 Overall size:3820 x 1710 x 2290mm

整机总重 Gross weight:约(About)9600Kg